Custom printed cocktail napkins are an ideal way to advertise your business or special event. They can be printed with your logo, slogan or other promotional message, making them a practical and efficient way to get your message out to a large audience. Cocktail napkins are best suited for promotional events, such as trade shows and expos, where they can be used to advertise your brand or product, but are also great for adding a personal touch to parties and corporate gatherings.


Luncheon napkins are similar to cocktail napkins, but they are more suitable for events where finger food is being served. They are larger than cocktail napkins, providing more space to print your logo, slogan or other promotional message. They are perfect for corporate lunches, barbecues, and other occasions of casual dining.


Dinner napkins are larger and more upscale than cocktail or luncheon napkins, making them better suited for sit-down fine dining scenarios. They provide more space for printing your logo, slogan or other promotional message, and can be customised to fit any occasion. They are perfect for high-end corporate events, wedding receptions, and other formal scenarios.

Use our 1:1 printable size guides to help visualise your napkin: Regular | 8-Fold


Standard napkins are folded twice, creating four fold lines and a square shape, while 8-fold napkins are folded an additional time, resulting in eight fold lines and a rectangular shape. Available for both luncheon and dinner sizes, 8-fold napkins are a convenient choice for those wishing to set their tables with classic cutlery-on-napkin configurations.

Materials & Plys


For orders of a small to medium size, 3-ply napkins are the most popular choice. The price difference between 2-ply and 3-ply napkins is minimal, making 3-ply napkins the ideal selection. At lower quantities, the cost is nearly the same, making the extra layer of 3-ply napkins a great option.


Airlaid napkin material is a luxurious and high quality alternative to linen. It is made of a special type of paper, which is soft and absorbent and has a cloth-like feel. Airlaid napkins are perfect for formal occasions and events because they look and feel like real linen, but at a fraction of the cost.

Printing Techniques


Spot printing is a technique which transfers ink to the napkin one colour at a time, a brilliant option for achieving sharp detail and vivid pantone-accurate colour. We typically advise that you stick to 1-2 colours with this method, as it can become cost inefficient with larger palettes.


CMYK printing works similarly to a regular printer, offering a wide range of colours. This is perfect for graphics with lots of colours, but not recommended if your logo has only a few. We would only recommend this method to you if spot printing isn't suitable.


Foil printing is a printing technique that adds an eye-catching metallic finish to your design. The perfect option for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their branding, foil printing is available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including matte, glossy, and holographic. It's ideal for sharp 1-colour logos.